THUGWIDOW & BRUISED SKIES/Requiem For A Sesh/Astral Black 1,950円(内税)

THUGWIDOW (Circadian Rhythms / Tar) is an artist that creates 'modern jungle with a sense of atmosphere and space that alludes most of his peers' (Resident Advisor),

FAREED/BGSC 2002/Big Science 1,880円(内税)

Society Of SilenceのメンバーでもありConstruct Re-FormやMaze等からも作品を残す”FAREED”のlimited 7”がBig Scienceよりニュー・リリース。

Jack MICHAEL_ALEC FALCONER/Dartford Crossing EP/Orbital London 1,780円(内税)

Orbital London新作は、Jack MICHAELとALEC FALCONERスプリットEP。

V.A/Breaks 'N' Pieces Vol 1/Breaks N Pieces 1,750円(内税)

Proper heavy UKG, breakbeat, bass & club fodder.

HARON/Taxa/Queeste 2,190円(内税)

BAKKからもアルバムを残すHARONの新作が、自身のQueesteからニュー・リリース。heavyweight vinyl 12" + download code.

WILL HOFBAUER/Where Did All The Hay Go?/Third Place 1,790円(内税)

Londonのニュー・レーベル”Third Place”最新作は、レーベル・ボス”WILL HOFBAUER”がリリース。Early support for the A side coming from Hessle heroes Joe & Ben UFO.

SPUTNIK ONE/Kerosene/First Second Label 1,650円(内税)

First Second Label drop their first 12' of the year from sub-tech stalwart and Woozy resident Sputnik One. Four tracks scaling intense percussive workouts and low end mutations. Early support from the likes of Ben UFO, re:ni, Peach & more.

FREY/Shadow/Craigie Knowes 1,690円(内税)

Craigie Knowes新作は、Live At Robert JohnsonやESP Institute、Mule Electronic等からもリリースのあるFREYがドロップ。Jungle flavours run rampant through the latest Craigie Knowes 12".

OBJEKT/Objekt #4/Objekt 1,690円(内税)

Repress.Objekt第4弾リプレス。12"+ MP3 download code.

PUGILIST/Blue Planet EP/3024 1,650円(内税)

Martyn主催”3024”新作は、メルボルン”PUGILIST”による DnB - UKG ハイブリッド EP。