ANUNAKU/Stargate EP/3024 1,650円(内税)

Martyn主催”3024”新作は、TSVI名義で自身の”Nervous Horizon”レーベルからリリースを重ねる”ANUNAKU”がリリース。

DJ SLYNGSHOT/They Still Can't Grasp It/Yappin 1,650円(内税)

Two sought after Slyngshot tracks finally getting reissued alongside another two yet unreleased jams on the latest YAPPIN 12".

FLORA FM/Apricot EP/Exotic Robotics 1,690円(内税)

Pure fire from Flora FM.

JACK MICHAEL/Forever With Violet EP/Orbital London 1,750円(内税)

Orbital London第3弾。Vinyl Only.03 is the magic number, as Orbital London supply their UK flavour once again.

JONAS FRIEDLICH/Gizzea EP/Private Persons 1,650円(内税)

Carl Gariのメンバーとしても知られる”JONAS FRIEDLICH”の新作が、モスクワ”Private Persons ”よりニュー・リリース。

NOISE FACTORY/Archives Vol 6/Ibiza Records 1,890円(内税)

1991年リリース、NOISE FACTORYのレアJungle trackがリイシュー。

UNKNOWN MOBILE/Mobile Sorcery/Planet Euphorique 1,680円(内税)

Levi Bruce, aka Unknown Mobile, has been a prominent figure of the Canadian Underground for quite some time He resides in Montreal and has contributed to a number of North American labels.

DJ WACHITA CHINA/Sample Repeat EP/Land Of Dance 1,890円(内税)

イタリア”Land of Dance”レーベル新作は、謎の”DJ WACHITA CHINA aka DJ これからの緊急災害”によるミニアルバム。

ARKAJO/Nadir/Aniara 1,650円(内税)

Arkajo exploring soundscapes and drumming in his very own style.

MARTYN/One Eye EP/3024 1,680円(内税)

MARTYN新作!After years of releasing other artists on the label, Martyn returns to 3024 himself with two brand new tracks.