NOISE FACTORY/Archives Vol 6/Ibiza Records 1,890円(内税)

1991年リリース、NOISE FACTORYのレアJungle trackがリイシュー。

UNKNOWN MOBILE/Mobile Sorcery/Planet Euphorique 1,680円(内税)

Levi Bruce, aka Unknown Mobile, has been a prominent figure of the Canadian Underground for quite some time He resides in Montreal and has contributed to a number of North American labels.

DJ WACHITA CHINA/Sample Repeat EP/Land Of Dance 1,890円(内税)

イタリア”Land of Dance”レーベル新作は、謎の”DJ WACHITA CHINA aka DJ これからの緊急災害”によるミニアルバム。

ARKAJO/Nadir/Aniara 1,650円(内税)

Arkajo exploring soundscapes and drumming in his very own style.

MARTYN/One Eye EP/3024 1,680円(内税)

MARTYN新作!After years of releasing other artists on the label, Martyn returns to 3024 himself with two brand new tracks.

ANNA WALL & CORBI/DATs In The Attic EP/Ritual Poison 1,650円(内税)

New Fabric resident Anna Wall and production partner Corbi, head of Fina Records, rummage through dusty ’90s nostalgia for their ‘DATs in the Attic’ EP, twisting UK hardcore heritage through the prism of contemporary house and breakbeat.

GOLDEFISH/Passive Pleasures EP/Gated 1,890円(内税)

It all started with Aphex Twin's comment, a simple "dope".

TOM JARMEY/Underworld EP/Shadow City 1,650円(内税)

Birmingham based Shadow City Records return with a killer four-track EP from Tom Jarmey. At just 20, Tom’s approach is super slick and has seen him receive critical acclaim following releases on 13th Hour and De La Groove.

LNA/Barefoot Agna Serra Venerdi/Dolly Dubs 1,590円(内税)

Klaksonからもリリースのある”Late Night Approach”のニュー・プロジェクト”LNA”がSteffi主催のDolly Dubsからニュー・リリース。