KOSH/The Chopper EP/Kalahari Oyster Cult 2,790円(税込)

Kalahari Oyster Cult新作は、自身のConvergenceやCasa Voyagerからのリリースで人気の”KOSH”がリリース!

KYLE HALL/Transmissions/Forget The Clock 5,490円(税込)

先日のDJ playも素晴らしかったKYLE HALL”のnew album! analog drum machineとanalog synthそしてpolyrhythmなpercussionで構成されたシンプルで機能的な minimal techno funk 6トラック収録 ! 2LP。

DORISBURG/Andakt/Aniara Recordings 2,550円(税込)

Dorisburg returns to Aniara with two extended tech-house expeditions. The cavernous groove of Andakt flows into glistening melodies and yearning voices, while Grottloop on the flip side propels itself through layer upon layer of rhythms and echoes.

DOPPLEREFFEKT/Infinite Tetraspace/Curtis Electronix 2,650円(税込)

The 11th release on Curtis Electronix comes from one of the most influential figures in the history of electro.

SYNAPTIC VOYAGER/Disconnect To Reconnect/Frame Of Mind 2,290円(税込)

After the amazing State Of Play EP, Synaptic Voyager returns to Frame Of Mind with the beautiful and deep Disconnect To Reconnect. Six Detroit influenced techno and house tracks. Simply breathtaking!

AS ONE/Reflections (30th Anniversary Edition)/Lapsus Perennial Series. 4,990円(税込)

Although 30 years after its birth this fundamental electronic gem called 'Reflections' has achieved cult status, it is worth remembering that it all started in 1993 in a small apartment in Waterloo, London,

SKUDGE/The Wind/Syncrophone Recordings 2,990円(税込)

Elias Landberg, channeling the rich techno legacy of Skudge, presents ''The Wind'' EP on Syncrophone Records.

FABRICE LIG/The Mental Bandwidth Remixes/Elypsia 2,590円(税込)

Second single of remixes coming out of Fabrice Lig's album "The Mental Bandwidth" by Plaid, Cinthie and Truncate

HUMAN SPACE MACHINE/Searching EP/De Lichting 2,590円(税込)

Human Space Machine makes another visit to earth with ?Searching?: a fresh four tracker consisting of effective yet deeply heady pieces of club music.

BETONKUST/Tropicana Tracks EP/Altered Circuits 2,990円(税込)

ALT010 is a collection of four tracks that owes its name to the infamous Tropicana, a subtropical swimming complex erected in 1988 on the outskirts of Rotterdam.