V.A/Draw The Line/Semantica 4,990円(税込)

Semanticaコンピレーション・アルバム! 3LP. Brand new techno compilation featuring Regis, Oscar Mulero, ASC, Stanislav Tolkachev, Anthony Linell, Jonas Kopp, Claudio PRC & Blazej Malinowski, Valentino Mora, D-Leria, Sciahri & Desroi, Simone Giudice and Svreca.

DAVID SPANISH/Roadrunner EP/Distangled 2,090円(税込)

re-issue of the highly sought-after House & Techno EP called Roadrunner by Dutch producer David Spanish. Originally released in very limited quantities back in 1996,

PYRAMID OF KNOWLEDGE/Heart of Silicium/Craigie Knowes 1,880円(税込)

Pyramid of Knowledge debuts on Craigie Knowes with the "Heart of Silicium" EP. Reassembled electronics for club use or headphone escapism. Unconventional electro that feels at peace beside much of the Craigie Knowes back catalogue.

KONDUKU/Gelgit/Nous klaer Audio 1,990円(税込)

Konduku returns to Nous'klaer with a two tracker on the fourth instalment of his K-series.

AURA/ELEGAL4/Klasse Wrecks 2,090円(税込)

1993にInfectious RecordsからリリースされたAURAのクラシックtune”Earth”がremasteredそしてElectron Forest (Dave Sage),Luca Lozano、DJ Steve remixを収録してリイシュー。

/DL/MS//Calanhi/Trust 3,290円(税込)

Frustrated FunkやPomeloレーベル等からのリリースで知られるElectro duo"/DL/MS/"がオーストリアDJ Glow主催”Trust”からファースト・アルバムをリリース!全12トラック収録。2LP+download code.

DMX KREW/Unhooked/Under The Radar 2,190円(税込)

DMX KREW新作!DMX Krew on a dark rave trip!

EXZAKT/Essential Cuts/Monotone 3,490円(税込)

Presenting the Essential Cuts from the Electro Bass Veteran, Exzakt. The Monotone Boss comes with 10 cuts. Some are classics and some new. Jensen Interceptor remix収録。

DENIRO/Mendoza/Trip 3,290円(税込)

Repress! Deniro delivers a super nice fragile and deep techno album on Trip. Eight tracks of versatile techno tracks full of tension and atmosphere.

DJ LIFE/Retina EP/Craigie Knowes 1,880円(税込)

DJ Life makes his Craigie Knowes debut with the club-focused 4 track "Retina" EP.