STERAC_KR!Z/Lightworks/Reclaim Your City 2,490円(税込)

Helmed by two longstanding legends of the scene, our next installment pays tribute to the Benelux techno connection as we welcome Dutch maestro Steve Rachmad under his Sterac alias and Token boss Kr!z to the fold.

VARDAE/The Kaipos EP/OODA 2,490円(税込)

Four new deep, rhythmic works from Lyon producer Vardae inaugurate new London imprint OODA, co-curated by Forest Drive West and localhost.

Qeta_Inkipak/Signal II Signal EP/Wave Function Records 2,790円(税込)

Mighty fine collaboration release from Qeta & Inkipak on Sound Synthesis own imprint. Signal II Signal EP deliveres 3 tracks from each artist of high quality timeless electronix sounds

CLEVELAND/Lola Ran/Kalahari Oyster Cult 2,590円(税込)

当店でのDJ playも楽しみなCLEVELANDがKalahari Oyster Cultから3作目となるニュー・シングルをリリース!

RVSHES/Mantis 12/Delsin 2,590円(税込)

Delsin's Mantis series continues to platform hybridised variations on modernist soundsystem music with the arrival of RVSHES, the production partnership from Logos (James Parker) and DB1 (Dylan Brownsword).

Katatonic Silentio/Mantis 11/Delsin 2,490円(税込)

Deepening the sound well of the Mantis series' explorations in subliminal club music, Katatonic Silentio arrives with four tracks of spatial, subtle and elegant electronics.

SCAN 7/The Resistance EP/Scan 2,690円(税込)

SCAN 7の名曲”The Resistance”がOriginalに加え、Terrance ParkerとUR Mixを収録してニュー・レーベル”Scan”よりリリース!

TIMEBLIND/Verticle Disintegration/All Ears 2,390円(税込)

Communique Records USA re-issues the sublabel All Ears. Starting with AE002 - Timeblind aka Chris Sattinger from 1996. re-mastered and re-recorded from original DAT

ROBERT DREWEK vs TOMIE NEVADA/Minimise The Maximum EP/Unleash 2,390円(税込)

RAWAX創設者の1人”Robert Drewek”と"Tomie Nevada"が2005年にリリースしたMinimize The Maximum EPがre-mastered versionで再発!

THE HUMAN & ASSETS/KBLV 011/Kin-Ben LABEL 3,500円(税込)

愛媛拠点のテクノ・レーベル”Kin-Ben LABEL”より、主催者”The Human & Assets”のトラック”Jugem Jugem”のオリジナル&リミックス集が2枚組でヴァイナル・リリース!Edit Select Records等からのリリースで知られる”Linear System”、DJ Nobu主宰"Bitta"からもリリースのある”Ko-ta”、Children of TomorrowやSkryptömなどから作品を残すフレンチ”Moteka”らがリミックス!