LOVE LETTERS/Beyond High Demand/Mister Saturday Night 1,990円(内税)

Mister Saturday Night新作は、The Bunker New York等からもリリースのあるNew Yorker”LOVE LETTERS”がリリース。

STEVE O'SULLIVAN/Green Trax/Trip 3,190円(内税)

Mosaic主催 ”STEVE O'SULLIVAN”のcompilation albumが Nina Kraviz主催のTripからリリース。1995-1999に自身の”Green/As It Is”レーベルからリリースした作品と未発表音源をコンパイル。

V.A/Electro Transmissions 008:Xtermination Krew 2,190円(内税)

Electro Transmissions 008 is a various artists release, what we call the Xtermination Krew, with tracks by Lowfish, N-Ter, Datawave, Astrobee, T/Error and Foreign Sequence. Very limited units on colored vinyl.

ALEK STARK/Electro Transmissions 007:Alpha Flight/Electro Records 2,190円(内税)

The mind behind Fundamental Records and Electro Records release his first EP after the his last Electric Eclectics and CPU releases. Pure analog machinery, triggered sequencers by old drum machines. Very limited units on colored vinyl.

N-TER/Electro Transmissions 006:Detroit On My Mind/Electro Records 2,190円(内税)

Nice work from Bojan Jascur a.k.a. N-Ter, also known from his releases on Twilight 76 and Databass. Detroit Sound, made in Europa from a real underground soldier. Very limited units on colored vinyl.

FREQUENCY/Panic Mode EP/Repetitive Rhythm Research 1,880円(内税)

Orlando Voornの別名義”FREQUENCY”がClone傘下のニュー・レーベル”Repetitive Rhythm Research”からニュー・リリース。未発表音源”Panic Mode”のオリジナルとnew version収録。

DJ DURBIN/And You Told Me/Row 1,950円(内税)

DJ Durbin is back with his second release on Row Records. Four boundary-pushing tracks for your inner journey to unknown spheres and a (fingers crossed) better future.

TERRACE/Isolation EP/Delsin 1,780円(内税)

Djax-Up-Beatsや自身のEevo Lute Muziqueからのリリースで知られるオランダ・テクノ・ベテラン”Stefan Robbers”のプロジェクト”TERRACE”の新作がDelsinよりニュー・リリース!

WHEELMAN/Reaching For A Higher Place/Stereotone 1,850円(内税)

Glasgow拠点Stereotone Records第2弾。Studio Barnhus,DBA Dubs等からもリリースのあるレーベル主催者WHEELMANがリリース。

STEVEN RUTTER/Riddle Me Sane/FireScope 3,950円(内税)

UKテクノ・レジェンド, Steven Rutter (B12/Warp/FireScope) ニューアルバム!自身のFireScopeからリリース。全10曲収録。2x12"Coloured Vinyl。