MY GIRLFRIEND/Apron EP/Apron 1,690円(内税)

APRON Records新作!My Girlfriend is a Brazilian duo formed by multi-instrumentalist veteran Zopelar and the 18 year old prodigy Benjamin Sallum.

NEJRUP/Manda/Creak Inc 1,690円(内税)

Lush broken beat and house plus a pretty sick K15 Remix.

TINK THOMAS/Vabrationz: EP/FXHE 1,990円(内税)

"A local Detroiter who knows Classics!!"

V.A/BND Projects Vol 1/Body'N Deep 1,690円(内税)

Jovonn主催、Body N'DeepからFranck, Roger, Delano Smith, Sean McCabe and rising talent MonocueのコンピレーションEPがリリース。

V.A/AniaraVA01/Aniara Recordings 1,690円(内税)

Aniara travelling through misty mountains in their signature style!

DJ CHUPACABRA/Country Business EP/Carpet & Snares 1,880円(内税)

ポルトガル”Carpet & Snares Records”新作! Vinyl only. Four fine fast-steppers from the north of Italy give a running start to this fresh sub-label from Lisbon's Carpet & Snares Records.

JULIANO/Chanme/Mojuba 1,650円(内税)

That Place主催、French DJ and produceの”JULIANO”の新作が”Mojuba”よりニュー・リリース!

MIKE HUCKABY/My Life With The Wave Vol.2/SYNTH 1,890円(内税)

re-press!My Life With The Wave第2弾。4 tracks of strictly deep house music.

MIKE HUCKABY/The Versatility EP/Synth 1,850円(内税)

re-press! Mike's very own remix of Precession "Sandcastle," (Slightly eited) taken from theAdventures Of Techno Soul LP on Ferox Records, 1996, and "Flashback From The M1" which appeared on M3 Records 1997 - Detroit.

JAY DANIEL/Tala/Watusi High 3,690円(内税)

デトロイト新鋭”JAY DANIEL”の待望のニュー・アルバムが自身の”Watusi High”レーベルよりリリース!2LP。全10曲収録。New LP from Jay Daniel on his own Watsui High imprint.