CYCLONIX/Metal Bass EP/Little Red Hand 2,290円(税込)

Nottingham based artist Cyclonix launch new journey Little Red Hand and kicks off its schedule with heavy 3 track "Metal Bass" EP from him.

HIDDEN AGENDA/One Time/Tempo Records 2,090円(税込)

Metalheadzからのリリースで人気のドラムンベース・デュオ”HIDDEN AGENDA”の新作が、オランダ良質Drum & Bassレーベル"Tempo Records"からニュー・リリース!550枚限定Picture Disc(no picture disc repress!)

TIM REAPER/Ryoko 05/Ryoko 2,490円(税込)

Ragga jungle Vs. Rhythm & Sound inspired drum & bass, TIP!

WORLDWIDE EPIDEMIC/Deformations/Furthur Electronix 1,990円(税込)

Limited copies.

DETROIT'S FILTHIEST/Accept No Substitute/Casa Voyager 1,980円(税込)

DETROIT'S FILTHIEST aka DJ Nasty 新作!Casa Voyagerよりリリース!Probably the ultimate detroit's filthiest record on casa voyager. A1s Only.

YAPORIGAMI/Chaos Swallower EP/Analogical Force 2,180円(税込)

Mille PlateauxやDetroit Undergroundなどからもアルバムを残す日本人プロデューサー”Yu Miyashita”のプロジェクト”Yaporigami”の新作EP!µ-Ziq,D'Arcangelo,Morphology,Patricia等のリリースで注目を集めるスペイン”Analogical Force”からニュー・リリース!

SOURCE DIRECT/Snake Style 2/Tempo Records 2,190円(税込)

**LIMITED EDITION PICTURE DISC / NO PICTURE DISC REPRESS** Legendary Source Direct returns to the Tempo's SPEED series.

SOCIAL RHYTHM/Love On Another Planet/Oblivious Transfer 1,990円(税込)

Massive debut release for UK producer Social Rhythm on new blockchain art collective Oblivious Transfer!

Bufobufo/Caracal EP/Art of Dark 2,190円(税込)

British producer Bufobufo debutes on Art Of Dark. Housy breaks with an electro side kick to flip.

MATA DISK/Surrounder/Nous klaer Audio 1,880円(税込)

Nous klaer Audioからロッテルダムの新鋭”MATA DISK”のデビュー作がリリース。4-track EP with Mata Disk finding his influences early on as his parents exposed him to 90s electro.