ARCANE & JON1ST/Bloodstone EP/Defrostatica Records 2,190円(税込)

Confident all-out breakbeat assault by new UK production team.

DAWL/Ultimate Damage/Fear Of Dog 2,190円(税込)

"Ultimate Damage" is an EP brimming with emotions, encompassing Dawl's characteristic styles: nostalgic stabs, breaks, raw techno and bleeps.

BÖHM/Solar Cycle/Dolly 1,990円(税込)

BÖHM delivers pure dance floor action on Dolly with this solid 3 tracker. Solar cycle is serious UK rave, deep bleep and slamming breakbeat dance floor madness,

LIQUID SILK/Memories/Beyond Electronix 2,190円(税込)

Dan Silk here under his Liquid Silk alias in fine form, delivering 2 perfectly balanced drum & bass cuts of the finest quality. Hand stamped limited copies..

Philo & Dreadmaul/Do It Right/Defrostatica 2,090円(税込)

Modern jungle music with epic intro and an irresistible bass line on the a-side, rowdy hardcore style on the flip.

Arcane/Rapture EP/Defrostatica 2,090円(税込)

Modern atmospheric jungle music by Bristol based producer and multi-instrumentalist.

LUCA LOZANO/Summer Of Love EP/Super Rhythm Trax 2,290円(税込)

Luca Lozano returns for his third EP on the label and turns in something truly special.

A∞x/i.d.p.4/Nduja 2,090円(税込)

62*2: Ice crystals decorate the well-worn machines. There's a positive buzz in the air, as construction on the purple plane is progressing smoothly. I'm still getting used to my new form, but I feel like I can be of help.

V.A/VA#1/Branch Points 1,990円(税込)

メルボルンのニューレーベル”Branch Points”からPugilist, Caldera, Dawn Razor, Lithe & Imitation Therapy,Hartta,Barleyの6トラックを収録してコンピレーションEPがリリース。

DJ BACKSPACE/Blackout/Altered Sense 2,290円(税込)

Fine breakbeat/IDM blissed EP from DJ Backspace, limited copies..