DAWL + LUCA LOZANO/Cybernetik Synergy EP/Klasse Wrecks 2,390円(税込)

Klasse Wrecks新作は、Luca LozanoとDawlのコラボep!

Mammo/Variable_Plate/Nduja 2,490円(税込)

101*3: The clouds drift by gently and there's a smell in the air reminiscent of apollo fruits. I lay down in the grass and for a brief moment everything is at peace.

EBENDE/Arkajo 4/Arkajo 2,090円(税込)

Following his acclaimed remix on Arkajo 3, Swedish wonderboy Ebende is back with two breaky hypnotic bombs perfectly fitting Arkajo's whitelabel imprint. Pugilist and Arkajo steps up for the remixes.

OVERMONO/Good Lies/XL 2,990円(税込)

OVERMONOファースト・アルバム”Good Lies” XLよりリリース!全12トラック収録。Clear vinyl LP。

STONES TARO/NC4KDUB001/NC4K 2,150円(税込)

京都拠点"NC4K”レーベルによるvinyl only series第1弾はSTONES TARO!

RAVE ANGST/Exist/30303 3,690円(税込)

A compilation of atmospheric live recordings on a double 12 inch pack. Twelve serene ambient and IDM tracks by German producer Rave Angst, who let his modular system and Roland TB-303 on the loose.

BUFOBUFO/Weatherworker EP/Altered Sense 2,390円(税込)

Bufo Bufo is back on Altered Sense, here with a amazing slice of bass driven and dreamy breakbeats. TIP!

dgoHn/Portus EP/Analogical Force 2,290円(税込)

dgoHn reappears in AF with this 4-tracker EP called "Portus", a dreamy exercise in fast/slow rhythms, atmospheric drumfunk, IDM and experimental electronica.

FTL & DJ Mudak 2000/Heatwave/Beyond Electronix 2,290円(税込)

Drum & bass of the highest quality to celebrate the 10th Beyond Electronix release!

サイケアウツ/逆襲のサイケアウツ:ベスト・カッツ 1995-2000/Em Records 3,960円(税込)

90年代関西アンダーグラウンドに出現した化け物、ハードコア-ジャングルの開拓者 "サイケアウツ"の代表曲、レア曲、ライブ音源が初VINYL&大半が初プレスCD化! 2LP.