JAC/Studio HC #04/Hotel Costes 1,690円(内税)

フランス”Hotel Costes”レーベル最新作は、Julien Quentin, Adrien de Maubanc, Cesar Merveilleのユニット”JAC”による極上Ambient EP。

KUNIYUKI/All These Things/Mule Musiq 3,490円(内税)

2007年にCDのみでリリースされたKUNIYUKI TAKAHASHIの2nd Album ”All These Things”が待望のアナログ・リリース。2LP。全8曲収録した名アルバム。

STEVEN RUTTER/Light From The Dark EP/Exalt Records 1,690円(内税)

UKレジェンド,Steven Rutter (B12/Warp/FireScope)新作。

EFRAIN ROZAS/I Enjoy The World/Futura Resistenza 2,590円(内税)

I Enjoy the world' is the first solo album by Efrain Rozas. The piece was composed to be listened to as a sonic meditation of 40 minutes.

MINAEMINAE/Variante/Human Pitch 2,690円(内税)

Stuttgart, Germany based multimedia artist and producer MinaeMinae delivers his debut release of cosmic polyrhythmic explorations with Variante.

ZIGTRAX/Zigtrax/Workshop 2,490円(内税)

Workshop新作は、Kassem Mosse, Mix Mup,Tapesのユニット”ZIGTRAX”のファースト・アルバム 。8トラック収録。

V.A/POP Ambient 2020/Kompakt 4,290円(内税)

Kompaktの人気アンビエント・シリーズ”POP Ambient 2020”最新作。44ページのART BOOKとdownload code付き!2LP + booklet + download code.

OCEAN YOUTH CLUB/Divided Self/Hivern Discs 2,090円(内税)

In 1984 post-industrial obscurists O Yuki Conjugate had completed their first album Scene In Mirage.

ULLA STRAUS_OCEANIC/Plafond 4/BAKK 1,990円(内税)

The fourth Plafond sees fine-crafted contrasting pieces complement each other in courtesy of Ulla Straus and Oceanic.

OMAR S/Side Trakx Volume #6/FXHE 1,590円(内税)

OMAR S新作!ジャマイカの伝説的シンガー”Nardo Ranks”をFeaturing。グリーン・7"ヴァイナル。Love Me Like Cooked Food Featuring Legendary Jamaican singer and rapper Nardo Ranks. And Renualt Used Car sellsmen John FM on Secrets with Andre Foxxe on guitar. green vinyl 7"