V.A/20in20b/Klakson 1,690円(内税)

Steffi主催のDutch electro label “Klakson” 20周年記念コンピレーションEP第2弾。Sepehr, Hadone, Steffi & Stingray, Watching Airplanesの4artist 収録。

FLORENCE/The Vineyard (Convextion & Peter Ford Remixes)/Delsin 1,750円(内税)

新たにConvextions remixを加えFLORENCEのテクノ・クラシックが再発。Peter Ford aka Baby Ford remix収録。

JOHN BELTRAN/Highway EP/Seventh Sign 1,690円(内税)

JOHN BELTRANの新作が、Glasgow拠点のSeventh Sign Recordingsよりリリース!

BALLET MECHANIQUE/Embody EP/Delsin 1,750円(内税)

Eevo Lute Muziqueから1996年にリリースされたテクノ名盤”BALLET MECHANIQUE/Embody EP”がDelsinより再発。

THUGWIDOW & BRUISED SKIES/Requiem For A Sesh/Astral Black 1,950円(内税)

THUGWIDOW (Circadian Rhythms / Tar) is an artist that creates 'modern jungle with a sense of atmosphere and space that alludes most of his peers' (Resident Advisor),

GIORGIO CELESTE & THE COBRA/Tales From Terkaarg/SONS_Terkaarg Forges 3,290円(内税)

S.O.N.SとPyramid Of Knowledgeのニュー・ユニット”GIORGIO CELESTE & THE COBRA”ファースト・リリース。2LP。全6トラック収録。S.O.N.S & Pyramid Of Knowledge present their new collaborative endeavor...

ROGER VAN LUNTEREN/Future Wounds/FireScope 2,190円(内税)

B12主催のFireScope新作は、Heimelektroや030303等からリリースをしてきたベテラン”ROGER VAN LUNTEREN”がリリース。12" & Full sleeve / Green & Orange Splatter Vinyl.

PLANT43/Return To The Sentient City/Semantica 1,750円(内税)

reperss.Third and final chapter for the Sentient City series by Plant43.

CIM/Service Pack/Delsin 1,650円(内税)

The second outing in the CiM re-issue program is his debut Delsin EP dating from 1999.

DJ BODY MECHANIC/The Challenge/Tooflez Muzik 1,780円(内税)

From Detroit to Berlin, DJ Bodymechanic joins the Tooflez Fam with this heavy weight Ghetto Electro EP.Limited Vinyl Only.