BASIC REALITIES/Dubtroit(Incl.Kevin Saunderson Rmx)/Vibraphone 2,490円(税込)

Kevin Saunderson remix!! Dubtroit is a classic techno hommage to Motor City and it comes around with an stunning remix by the Legend, Mr. "Inner City" Kevin Saunderson!

SILICON MINDS/Ihy(Incl.Derrick May Rmx)/Vibraphone 2,490円(税込)

Derrick May remix!! Silicon Minds - IHY (Interstellar Hypnotic Yama-Biko) With an timeless Mayday Tribute Mix by Derrick May!

DJ MO REESE/Glory/Intangible 2,490円(税込)

DJ MO REESEがTerrence Parker主催のIntangible Recordsからリリースしたハウス名盤GloryがRE-PRESS!

POPULATION ONE/Edge Of The Visible Universe/Minimal Detroit Audio 2,890円(税込)

Roland MC-303を3台使ったliveも素晴らしかったデトロイト Terrence DixonがPOPULATION ONE名義でMinimal Detroit Audioよりヴァイナル・リリース!4 fresh canvases courtesy of Terrence Dixon. Made in Detroit.

KYLE HALL/Postcard To Another Planet/Forget The Clock 2,990円(税込)

デトロイト”KYLE HALL”のnew EP。自身のForget The Clockレーベルより新作4トラック収録してヴァイナル・リリース!

SPECTER/Brutus/Sound Signature 6,590円(税込)

Theo Parrish主催"Sound Signature"新作は、シカゴ”Specter”による亡き愛犬”Brutus”に捧げる作品。片面1曲収録の2LPでリリース。

GHETTO BROTHERS/Ghetto disco/Clone Royal Oak 2,490円(税込)

Restock. ORLANDO VOORNとBLAKE BAXTERの幻のユニット”Ghetto Brothers”が1992にESP Recordsからリリースした”Ghetto Disco”がClone Royal Oakよりリイシュー。

MODEL 500/Classics/Metroplex 5,590円(税込)

Juan Atkin's masterpiece compilation, the blueprint of Techno albums.... the 1993 Model 500 'Classics' compilation with some of Juan Atkins' biggest early Metroplex milestones, with some of them in exclusive remixed versions.

ROBERT HOOD & FEMI KUTI/Variations/M-plant 4,590円(税込)

Robert Hood's techno and Femi Kuti's Afrobeat intertwine in a new form where jazz-grooves reign supreme.

CHANNEL ONE/Technicolor/Metroplex 2,590円(税込)

late 80's Metroplex electro staple Channel One, a Juan Atkins joint with Doug Craig (Carl Craig's cousin) on vocals.