KARENN/Kind Of Green/Voam 1,650円(内税)

BlawanとPariahのユニット”KARENN”新作!ニュー・レーベル”Voam”からリリース。 Karenn (aka Blawan and Pariah) taking techno back in to the future

V.A/All Of An Instant/Release Sustain 1,750円(内税)

London’s Release/Sustain imprint returns with a four-track package featuring material from Eduardo De La Calle, XDB, Joey Anderson Moody Waters feat. Carolina Damas.

V.A/Electro In The Key Of Detroit Vol.1/Detroit Bass Classics 1,990円(内税)

Detroit Electro Classics.

NEJRUP/Manda/Creak Inc 1,690円(内税)

Lush broken beat and house plus a pretty sick K15 Remix.

TINK THOMAS/Vabrationz: EP/FXHE 1,990円(内税)

"A local Detroiter who knows Classics!!"

DJ Skull/Red Alert EP (Techno City Series Part 2 / Chicago)/Solar One Music 1,750円(内税)

Chicago's underground pioneer DJ Skull presents SolarOneMusic's Techno City Series Part 2. After Detroit's Scan 7 comes Ron Maney with 3 techno banger tracks. And last but not least one remix by the smart guy Albert van Abbe.

D.B./FXWL 19A/Flux White 1,650円(内税)

Submersed sounds for deep diving. White label limited pressing.

VLADIMIR DUBYSHKIN/Cheerful Pessimist/Trip 1,750円(内税)

Repress! Nina Kraviz主催”Trip”から、Stefan GoldmannのMacroからもリリースのある新鋭”VLADIMIR DUBYSHKIN”がリリース。

THE SENTINEL & SOL37/THX-113808 ep/Southern Outpost 1,780円(内税)

シドニーのunderground electro/technoレーベル”Southern Outpost”から2008にtest press盤のみで製作された”Critical Phaze ep”が、待望のre-named and re-mastered versionでリリース!

V.A/BND Projects Vol 1/Body'N Deep 1,690円(内税)

Jovonn主催、Body N'DeepからFranck, Roger, Delano Smith, Sean McCabe and rising talent MonocueのコンピレーションEPがリリース。