CLAUDE YOUNG/The Knife/Ndatl Muzik 2,190円(税込)

デトロイト・レジェンド”Claude Young”の新作が、Kai Alce主宰の”NDATL Muzik”からニュー・リリース!

CLAUDIO PRC/Rites Of Passage/Delsin 1,690円(税込)

Delsin's Cameron series, known for its deep and atmospheric techno, welcomes Italian DJ and producer Claudio PRC. Presenting three expertly crafted and compelling techno rides.

DEEP88/The Revolution Will Not Be Sponsored/What About This Love 1,790円(税込)

Four infectious techno leaning house grooves, by Deep88 on his own label What About This Love. The revolution will not be sponsored.

VOERTUIG/Voertuig/Cobra Club 1,950円(税込)

Cobra Club Records is back once again with another banger from The Hague City. This time by hardware jamming sensation Voertuig. 3 original jams by Voertuig and 2 amazing remixes by Dazion and Epsilove & Shelter.

MSRG/Afterwork Programming/Between Places 1,780円(税込)

Mysterious sound professor MSRG returns to Solar One Music's EP label- Between Places, with 4 tracks of aquatic and analog synth funk that cut no slack.

BANANA MOON/Delphinium Blue/Funnuvojere Records 1,780円(税込)

Number nine of Funnuvojere's catalogue is signed by label founder Massimiliano Pagliara, and comes as a collaboration with CockTail d'Amore resident and Philoxenia Records founder Luigi Di Venere.

MORTEN B./Handlung 002/Wandlung 2,290円(税込)

Superb fresh BC / Chain Reaction schooled Dub Techno EP

PARALLEL 9/Helix/Delsin 1,780円(税込)

Second EP in the Steve Rachmad re-issue series. Two iconic Parallel 9 dub-techno classics from the Steve Rachmad archives.

MSDOS/RunDos/Tempo Records 1,690円(税込)

Tempo Records back catalogue.This is the debut release of Greek prolific Drum & Bass artist mSdoS on Tempo Records. Four diverse & energetic tracks of the highest quality covering all styles of the Drum & Bass / Jungle spectre.