STEFAN RINGER/FWM 002/FWM Entertainment

Format 12"
Price 1,880円(内税)

デトロイトNDATL Muzikからのリリースや、Kai Alceとのユニット”Floppy Life”としても知られる”STEFAN RINGER”の新作が、自身のFWM Entertainmentよりニュー・リリース!
FWM Entertainment has kept that same energy in its second release by label head, Stefan Ringer. The A side track “SO” is instantly exciting! The chorded turned arpeggiated melody and rhythm section take over your body and the song invokes different feelings and emotions as it progresses; this is a song you will definitely want to have for this summer and beyond. Over on the B side, “Afrotine” brings a more tropical broken beat type of flavor. The percussive yet chromatic sound of the kalimba is almost hypnotizing. Sunshine, cool breezes, and smiles come to mind when hearing this one. The B2, “Time” is a slowed down vocal groove that slaps! The melody floats effortlessly along the beat with the bass line following closely behind, complimenting the changes throughout. Overall this one is a keeper and a great follow-up to the acclaimed FWM001.

2.Afro Tine