K15 & SMBD/Earth State EP/Apron

Format 12"
Price 1,650円(内税)

Kyle HallのWild Oatsレーベルからも作品を残す”K15”とUKベテラン“SMBD aka Simbad”のコラボ作品がApronよりニュー・リリース!Over the last few years, K15 has been visiting Simbad's studio, where they delved deep in conversation, as well as into an arsenal of analog gear. The result? A revered collection of raw grooves...but what to do with all this heat? Enter Apron boss and mutual friend Steven Julien, who was compelled to share some of these works.

A1. Dry Mango Pt1
A2. Thursday
A3. Oceans
A4. Earth State
B1. Syntherlude
B2. Pace & Time
B3. Dry Mango Pt2