JOHN SHIMA/The Lonely Machine/FireScope

Format 2LP
Price 3,390円(内税)

JOHN SHIMA待望のファースト・アルバムがUKレジェンドB12主催のFireScopeよりニュー・リリース!2LP.colored vinyl. Hailing from the heartland of British techno, Sheffield’s John Shima is one of the leading lights of UK electronics. His beautifully crafted sounds have graced a host of imprints including Distant Worlds, Exalt Records and, of course, FireScope. It is to the latter that Shima returns with his long awaiting debut album, The Lonely Machine.

1. Intel
2. Airwaves
3. Empires
4. Phase Distortion
5. Electronic Slaves
6. Accepting
7. Migrate
8. Distrust
9. Linear
10. The Lonely Machine