SCAN 7/Between Worlds/Deeptrax

Format 3×12"
Price 4,490円(内税)

Detroit “SCAN 7”ニュー・アルバム!triple vinyl.全13トラック収録。
Of indisputable +313 vintage, Scan 7 with deep roots in the rich musical heritage of Detroit techno, announce their new triple vinyl album since 20 years on Deeptrax Records. Scan 7 which is very close related to Underground Resistance, forms a mysterious Detroit underground collective and with this triple album, Scan 7 is back at the front with a varied style from Metroplex reminisced electro to stringing, banging techno and from deeper Detroit house to epic rooted galaxian jazzy vibes, bringing back the heydays of techno's most influential period ever.

01 Stringin Me Along
02 No Place Like Home
03 A Wonder Of Space
04 It's Time
05 Cream Dreams
06 I'm Covered
07 Moments Like This
08 As Above So Below
09 Trackmasta Hoop
10 Electronic Evidence
11 Smooth Scan
12 Deep Roots
13 Shadow Spirit