TRUS'ME/No Harm (Delano Smith Remix)EP/Groovement

Format 12"
Price 1,690円(内税)

Delano Smith Remix! Prime Numbers主催、マンチェスター”TRUS'ME”の新作が、”Groovement”よりニュー・リリース。Vinyl only.That’s the groove. House groove! Trus'me starts 2019 with 2 dancefloor weapons. "No Harm” and “Someone New”, 2 original tracks composed for his Groovement debut, follow his early irresistible trade mark productions. For the Techno lovers, the mighty Delano Smith delivers a very hypnotic remix, for both mind and body. 2 awesome producers in one must have EP.

1.No Harm
2.Someone New
3.No Harm (Delano Smith Remix)