XAVIER DE ENCISO/Emotional Hunger EP/Yaxteq

Format 12"
Price 1,750円(内税)

URのDJ Dex aka Nomadico主催のレーベル”Yaxteq”最新作。ModelhartからもリリースがあるLAのunderground dance sceneから”XAVIER DE ENCISO”による4techno track ep。Xavier De Enciso is a DJ, scholar, producer, artist and renegade promoter who has been operating in Los Angeles for two decades. He’s at home on underground dance floors. His 4 track ep for Yaxteq visits darker and lighter corners of this special place. Dark hypnotic pulses and textures dominate Rasquache and Metztli. The dance floor journey continues with WareHouse Deep and Long Distance with their hi tech funk fueled basslines and swinging drums. This is essential for skilled DJs that must take their audience on a real ride!!

A1. Rasquache
A2. Metzli
B1. Warehouse Deep
B2. Long Distance