BIZ/Set Me Free EP/Transmat

Format 12"
Price 1,650円(内税)

Derrick May主催”Transmat”最新作は、シドニーを拠点に活動する”BIZ”がリリース。
Biz's Set Me Free EP is an adventurous and personal exploration of techno which is composed for the dance floor but also sparks the heart. The grinding grooves of opener 'Set Me Free' immediately shows a pairing of a tough mentality with a supreme sense of soul. The exquisite 'Don't Stop' builds with an enthralling techno tension that finally lets up and will immerse the listener in liberation. Last but not least 'Autumn Blues', a perfectly melancholic journey through deeper techno that lifts the spirits with optimistic synths.

1.Set Me Free
2.Don't Stop
3.Autumn Blues