JAMES SHINRA/Darkroom EP/Craigie Knowes

Format 12"
Price 1,590円(内税)

Carl A. Finlow主催のレーベル”Craigie Knowes”新作は、Analogical ForceやFurthur Electronixからもリリースのある新鋭”JAMES SHINR”がリリース。James Shinra's whirlwind year is rounded off with a some final words via Craigie Knowes. Darkroom EP features his signature style of Techno and Electro across 4 varied cuts. From Aphex-style chords to choppy breaks, emotional rises and gritty kicks and acid - it's got it all. A final chapter of a busy year for both artist and label, with a fairly sinister, wintery, feel.

1 Kord
2 Gyorgy
3 Gritti
4 At The End Of The World