CLARO INTELECTO/In Vitro Volume Two/Delsin

Format 2LP
Price 2,790円(内税)

Modern Loveからも作品を残すマンチェスター”CLARO INTELECTO”の作品をコンパイルしたベスト・アルバム第2弾。Delsin are pleased to gather together some of the highlights from the rich and varied catalogue of Manchester-based producer Claro Intelecto. From his earliest works on Ai Records through a prolific run on Modern Love to his more recent outings on Delsin, Mark Stewart has continually presented a vision of electronic music that uses the Detroit blueprint as a launch pad for his own distinctive strain of techno. Moving from elegant beauty to rabid intensity while grounded by a firm sense of rhythm, his catalogue runs deep and wide. The second volume in this expansive compilation series filters out select highlights from across his discography, and reframes them as a compelling overview of a truly distinctive voice in modern electronic music.

01 Chicago
02 Episode
03 Reformed
04 Patience
05 Remember
06 Tone
07 Nobody
08 Still Here
09 Signifier
10 Percentages
11 Great Day