V.A/Sahogawa EP/NNN

Format 12"
Price 1,950円(内税)

奈良のMITSUKI(molemusic)、AKIRA、Y.N、大阪のFukuda Yusukeがレーベル「NNN」を始動。第1弾は、MITSUKI(molemusic)、AKIRA、Y.N そして3人のユニットNNNによるコンピレーションEP。アートワークは服田雄介。コメントはDJ SPRINKLES a.k.a Terre Thaemlitz。

「This is a depressing time for Japan's night clubs. The atmosphere of large clubs has been destroyed by police requirements for bright lighting that ensures we have no place to hide. Meanwhile, dancing remains illegal in small clubs, the pressure of which has driven some owners mad. The places people used to go to release pressure have become pressure cookers in and of themselves. NNN has the deep flavor of a dispirited underground slowly stewing. 」 DJ SPRINKLES a.k.a Terre Thaemlitz

1.Y.N - On The Roof
2.AKIRA - 321
3.MITSUKI - Changing Same
4.NNN - Abrazaka Incident