OCTAL INDUSTRIES/Our Seasons/Vertex Recordings

Format 2LP + download code
Price 3,290円(内税)

OCTAL INDUSTRIES ニュー・アルバム!Heavyweight vinyl 2LP with full artwork insert + MP3 download code.limited to 250. Our Seasons is jointly released by Verdant Recordings & Exalt Records as Vertex Recordings. The Legendary Octal Industries steps up with 10 masterpieces over 2 discs. Our Seasons is an impressive start to this sweet label collaboration.

A1 Borg Tekin
A2 Thorp I Vanda
B1 Roblegt
B2 Dreki Flyr
C1 Forever
C2 Winter Techno
C3 Asleep
D1 Another Day
D2 Lullaby
D3 Times Fade