EFRAIN ROZAS/I Enjoy The World/Futura Resistenza

Format LP
Price 2,590円(内税)

I Enjoy the world' is the first solo album by Efrain Rozas. The piece was composed to be listened to as a sonic meditation of 40 minutes. Buh Records (Lima, Peru), previously released the album as a limited cassette edition in 2017, accompanied with an animated video by Muriel Holguin. The album has now been remastered and pressed on vinyl by Futura Resistenza, a new record label from Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

1.Truth Is The Eternal Mother Of All Things
2.Los Que Me Acompanan (Those Who Are With Me At Every Moment)
3.Desprenderse De Lo Humano (To Release All That Is Human)
4.Edipo Rey (Oedipus Rex)