COSMIN TRG/Protection 1/Protection

Format 12"
Price 1,650円(内税)

FUTURE TERRORレジデントDJ ”HARUKA”によるnew label “Protection”第1弾、ファースト・リリース。COSMIN TRGによるtechno - experimental soundsを収録した4 track EP。ジャケットはタトゥー・アーティスト”大島托”デザイン。
Protection is a new label established by Japanese artist Haruka, which seeks to explore the spaces where techno and experimental sounds merge, and club tools blur with home listening. Here this aim is achieved with precision and care by Romanian producer and DJ Cosmin TRG. The EP is distinguished by its intricate production and focused exploration, with each track finding a distinct balance between intensity and power. This record represents an impressive addition to Cosmin TRG’s discography, and a very fitting start for Haruka’s new label.

A1.COSMIN TRG - Track 1
A2.COSMIN TRG - Track 2
B1.COSMIN TRG - Track 3
B2.COSMIN TRG - Track 4