CRINAN_VILLA ABO/Borft Dance Classics Vol 3:Unheard Business/Borft

Format 12"
Price 1,750円(内税)

90年代に製作したCRINANとVILLA ABO (Jan Svenson from FRAK)の未発表音源がBorftよりヴァイナル・リリース。We know that there are a big sought after the old tracks by our old Artist CRINAN and there are not many tracks from the period 95 - 98 that are not released... On this 12" Borft proudly present a gem heard by very few that has the same intense quality as for the tracks previously released by Borft in the 90's but this is 100% never before released. Get ready for the side A "Tropique Manique".... On the side B you will find Another previously unreleased gem by the now defunct alias VILLA ÅBO (Jan Svensson) with the track "Electro Hiking", a long trip, smooth and growing abit funky tune that building up slowly to its end... This is a treasure for people hunting the rare expensive hard to get releases from the borft 90's...

A1.Crinan - Tropique Manique
B1.Villa Abo - Electro Hiking