JOHN BELTRAN/The Season Series/Delsin

Format LP
Price 2,490円(税込)

18から19年にデジタル・リリースされたJOHN BELTRANのアンビエント・シリーズがDelsinよりヴァイナル・リリース。Detroit composer John Beltran returns to Delsin with The Season Series. A collection of subtle and colorful compositions of beautiful synth melodies creating heavenly atmospheres. A blissful walk through breezy spring fields where the gentle sunrays thaw frosty winter scenes.

01 I Can Chase You Forever
02 Touch The Blooms
03 Lustrous Orb
04 Last Sunset
05 Tundra
06 I Must Have Dreamt About You
07 Sunflower
08 Lose You
09 Euphoric Dream Ocean
10 You Internalize Them