ANTHONY ROTHER_SYNC 24/Stellarator Hyperway/Cultivated Electronics

Format 12"
Price 1,790円(内税)

Anthony ROTHERとSYNC 24のスプリットEPがCultivated Electronicsよりニュー・リリース。The PSI49NET label boss, Anthony Rother goes head to head with CE's own champion, Sync 24 for the latest Cultivated Electronics release. The pair first met last year at the Rex club in Paris where they were both playing. After a passionate chat about their shared love for electro they decided to work on a release together.

1 Anthony Rother - Stellarator
2 Anthony Rother - Stellarator (Plasma Mix)
3 Sync 24 - Hyperway
4 Sync 24 - Hyper Loop 1
5 Sync 24 - Hyper Loop 2