MARKMECHANIK/Wehmut EP/Freakadelle

Format 12"
Price 1,690円(内税)

オーストリア・ザルツブルク拠点のテクノ・レーベル”Freakadelle”新作は、MARKMECHANIKのDebut EP.全5トラック収録。Debut EP by long-time Freakadelle resident and one of Salzburg’s key figures within the electronic music scene for many years. Markmechanik has been extensively refining his production skills to finally make his long overdue first release of this cohesive body of solo work, which meanders easily between broken and catchy club music to otherworldly soundscapes and leftfield electronica.

A1. Emergency Loop
A2. غناوة (ġnāwa)
B1. MiamiIce
B2. Off Grit
B3. Wehmut (feat. FuVk)