ORBET & SORV/Outbreak EP/Exarde

Format 12"
Price 1,790円(内税)

ニュー・レーベル”Exarde”第1弾!One of the founders of the Russian house label Sakskobing - Ottuga creates his own vinyl imprint, referring us to the roots of a musician himself who honed his DJ taste on London raves almost 10 years ago. Moving a little further from house music to techno and the acid vibes, Vladimir continues the leitmotif indicated by his series of events - Exarde.The label's debut release describes the concept of this community, perfectly conveying the atmosphere of the parties themselves from which it all started about 3 years ago. The EP consists of 4 dynamic dancefloor-ready jam sessions of Moscow musicians Orbet and Sorv, using analog equipment, which takes place from 2017 till 2020.

A1. Blipz
A2. Grandjah
B1. Outbreak
B2. S-Unit