THUGWIDOW & BRUISED SKIES/Requiem For A Sesh/Astral Black

Format 12"
Price 1,950円(内税)

THUGWIDOW (Circadian Rhythms / Tar) is an artist that creates 'modern jungle with a sense of atmosphere and space that alludes most of his peers' (Resident Advisor), Bruised Skies (Pure Life Records / Blank Editions) creates ambience that captures a hyper-real landscape. Here on 'Requiem For a Sesh', the pairs first collaborative record, these two worlds collide to bring the listener an offering of strobe-laden 4x4, disfigured break beats, low slung sqaure waves and euphoria inducing top lines.

A1. Epic Questing
A2. Void Release
B1. Requiem For A Sesh
B2. Infinite Bass