FLORENCE/The Vineyard (Convextion & Peter Ford Remixes)/Delsin

Format 12"
Price 1,750円(内税)

新たにConvextions remixを加えFLORENCEのテクノ・クラシックが再発。Peter Ford aka Baby Ford remix収録。The EP opens with Convextions remix of 'The Vineyard', never been released on vinyl before. Second track on side A is the original mix of 'Exploration' as featured on the very first Eevo Lute EP in 1991. Side B opens with Peter Ford aka Baby Ford's remix of 'The Vineyard', originally released in 1996. The EP closes with the original instrumental version of 'Disappointment', to which the lyrics and vocals by Wladimir M. were added later on.

1 The Vineyard (Convextion Remix)
2 Exploration (Original Mix)
3 The Vineyard (Peter Ford Remix)
4 Disappointment (Instrumental)