Format LP
Price 2,990円(内税)

Brazil出身のmusician,producer/DJ,ZOPELARのニュー・アルバムがApronからニュー・リリース。レーベル・ボス Steven Julien Edit含む全8曲収録。LP。
Pedro Zopelar (@pzopelar)is a musician, producer and DJ based in São Paulo, Brazil. Known for his many different projects like the duo “My Girlfriend” with Benjamin Sallum, the electronic performative act “Teto Preto” and his effervescent party “ODD” - Zopelar presents “Universo” on Apron Records!

1. Process Of Change
2. Back In Tha Game
3. Cidade Jovem
4. Fire Pit
5. City Heart
6. Cruisin'
7. Funny Game
8. Universo (Steven Julien Edit)