EVA NOXIOUS/Anti Todo/Bunker Darknet

Format LP
Price 1,850円(内税)

Bunker Records presents in association with Darknet: BUNKER DARKNET 002: EVA NOXIOUS - ANTI TODO. All the way from the Western ''Blood Meridian'' Desert of Phoenix, Arizona, former Spanish 'Nuevo Mexico', its very own Suburban Sun Belt Waste Lands, and surely ''no country for old men'', comes a full album of genuine punk-ass-kickin' 'trap and drill rap' bass music, its sharp and syncopated sniper-ladylike machine gun vocals shot in both the Castilian and the English language. Mastered by Guy Tavares.

01 Anti Todo
02 Do I Hate You
03 Plottin
04 I Thought You Knew
05 All Or Nothing
06 Too Young II
07 Deathbed
08 Locn
09 Got Ana
10 Blood Got Me Fiendin
11 Paranoid Lines
12 Bitch You Luv 2 Hate
13 Rep Ya Roots