JAPANESE TELECOM/Japanese Telecom EP/Clone Aqualung Series

Format 12"
Price 1,950円(税込)

JAPANESE TELECOM/Japanese Telecom EP/Clone Aqualung Series
Japanese Telecom (aka Dopplereffekt / Der Zyklus) first outing recorded at the end of the 90's and officially released in 1999. A sonic exploration of the culture and technologies that influence daily life in one of the most advanced countries on this globe, the land of the rising sun. As a recurring theme in Heinrich Muellers work, the Japanese Telecom EP takes inspiration from the exciting culture of the upcoming internet, robots, high speed trains and game culture from a future past and combines this with Detroit's hi-tech machine funk. Remastered and re-issued for the first time since its original release.

01 Rising Sun
02 Japanese Animation
03 Asian Amazons
04 Character Maps
05 Game Player
06 Nipponese Robots
07 Kubi
08 Bullet Train