ESTEBAN ADAME/Chicano Boombox EP/Yaxteq

Format 12"
Price 1,990円(内税)

Galaxy 2 Galaxyのキーボーディストとしても知られる”ESTEBAN ADAME”の新作が、URのDJ DEX aka Nomadico主催のYaxteqレーベルからニュー・リリース!
Esteban Adame aka Frequencia drops the track list for an intergalactic backyard party with the Chicano Boombox EP. Esteban’s music career started as a DJ in L.A.’s East Side backyard party scene, he then stepped up his musical game by collecting gear and studying the piano. His evolution into a professional musician led him to gigs around L.A.’s jazz and salsa scenes. But he never lost his love for DJ culture and electronic music and that led him to join Mad Mike’s Galaxy 2 Galaxy band through his mutual friendships with UR’s Santiago Salazar and Yaxteq’s own DJ Dex. He’s released music on esteemed labels such as Underground Quality, Dolly, Mister Saturday Night, EPM, Jealous God and more. He also collaborates with DJ Dex as El Coyote.

1. Rush The Floor
2. Deep Function
3. Still Here
4. The Promise