KARIMA F/Fief Fef/Schloss

Format 12"
Price 1,990円(内税)

In 2019, after having spent the entire year living in a recording studio somewhere in the Cotswolds, slowly adapting to the new pace of life, Norwegian-Algerian producer Karima F took a break from walking aimlessly between the rolling hills to make an EP. Recorded in December 2019, «Fief Fef» is a succulent sandwich of Karima F’s library of musical tastes: bass, braindance, cheesy chords, UK funky, breaks, pig-squealing modular bursts, discarded ideas, idleness and sub bass-frequencies.

«Sheer Rage» was recently played by Avalon Emerson on her BBC Radio 1 residency, while «Crab Ride» was included in Ben UFO’s guest mix for Sherelle's instalment of the same BBC Radio 1 show.

«Fief Fef», the fifth release on Schloss, is mixed and mastered by Matt Karmil. The cover is a section of the painting «ICE GIRLS» (2020) by Schloss-co-founder Ida Ekblad, and design is by Richard Øiestad.

1.Crab Ride
3.Sheer Rage