PATRICK GIBIN & KAIDI TATHAM/Love to the World (Theo Parrish Reinterpretations)/Neroli

Format 12"
Price 2,090円(内税)

Josh Milan’s 2020 collaboration with Patrick Gibin and Kaidi Tatham has been a real highlight for Neroli! ‘Love To The World’ represented a joyful and musical reaction from the gloomy climate of the year, a message of hope and joy. This message resonated also on Theo Parrish who decided to make his own reinterpretation of the song! An old friend of Neroli/Archive [think of his now legendary ‘How I Feel’ 12 and ‘Stop Bajon’ T.P. Translation], the Sound Signature boss used Josh Milan’s vocals to create two versions in his own unique musical aesthetic!

1.Love To The World (Theo vocal mix)
2.Love To The World (Theo acappella mix)