FAST EDDIE & TRAXMAN/Tha Westsiders/Factory Music Chicago

Format 12"
Price 1,750円(税込)

restock.再入荷。STEVE POINDEXTERとTRAXMANによるニュー・レーベル”Factory Music Chicago”第2弾!シカゴ伝説FAST EDDIEとTRAXMANのコラボ12”。Second release comes from label head Traxman and legendary Fast Eddie!As goodie on top of this great ep there is the track called "Eddie's House" which was recorded in 1987 and till now unreleased!

A1. Eddie's House
A2. It's Sick
B1. Welcome To The Pleasure Dome
B2. Ain't It Funky
B3. Free Speech