GORDON BASS/Perpetual Peace EP/Visions Recordings

Format 12"
Price 1,990円(内税)

Visions Inc新作!GORDON BASSによるオリジナル2TRACK収録。Delicious mix of house , dub and futuristic jazz.
The next release is a really special one made by a well known european producer with a specific sound. We are very happy to introduce Gordon Bass with a single holding two original tracks made for Visions . A delicious mix of house , dub and futuristic jazz .
In his own words , Gordon Bass said:If you ever wondered about the sound of a boring machine cruising underground alpine rocks, look no further : celebrating perpetual peace, and old school friendship, Gordon Bass * has a visionary Ep for you. Auto cruising and modulating cheese sont « les mamelles » of this precious EP. Recorded with love during the Covid 19 madness on a broken hacked laptop.

1.Fondue Analogique
2.Gothard Tunnel