MUSCLECARS/Shelter (Building It, Still)(incl. Ron Trent Rmx)/Coloring Lessons

Format 12"
Price 2,090円(内税)

Ron Trent Remix収録。musclecars, composed of Craig Handfield & Brandon Weems, are staples in NYC’s House scene and beyond, through their party-turned-label Coloring Lessons, effervescent sets on The Lot Radio, and increasingly acclaimed productions. Following a series of releases on both their Coloring Lessons and Toucan Sounds, their newest offering, ‘Shelter (Building It, Still)’ burrows deeper into their love of grooving, soulful sounds, featuring a remix from Prescription co-founder Ron Trent. The EP features beautiful deep house with lush keys, emotive saxophones, propulsive synths, and captivating vocals from previous collaborator Brandon Markell Holmes.

1.Shelter (feat Brandon Markell Holmes)
2.We Go Home Together
3.Shelter (Ron Trent remix)
4.Prelude (Building It, Still)