CIM/Unselected Protracker Mods/Delsin

Format 12"
Price 1,990円(税込)

CiMが96’から98’に製作した未発表音源9曲を収録してDelsinよりアルバム・リリース!CiM returns to Delsin with a nine track LP crafted out of his personal Amiga archives. Simon Walley started off in the early 90s trying to write Amiga demo scene music. Influenced and inspired by the blossoming techno electronica sounds in the UK around that time, he tried to replicate those sounds via old school tracker techniques.Learning through ripping modules by Romeo Knight, Audiomonster, Firefox and Mantronix from demo disks, and writing/re-writing in Protracker resulted in a unique style, creating fresh clashing beats out of tweaked Amiga samples. A 386 PC that drifted in tempo was sync'd by ear to add pads and melodies that the MIDI-less Amiga couldn't generate. Recording most of it on the fly, fooling around in Protracker and leaving all mistakes in and un-edited. All tracks written between '96-98.

1 Metric
2 Waevstack
3 Throughput
4 Accent One
5 Crash
6 Jex Fill
7 Example
8 Direct Feed
9 Envay