JAYSON WYNTERS/The Affect Heuristic/Delsin

Format 12"
Price 1,790円(内税)

Phoenix G.やDon't Be Afraid,Ornate MusicからもリリースのあるUK,Birmingham拠点のDJ/producer“JAYSON WYNTERS”の新作が、Delsinよりニュー・リリース。イエロー・カラー・ヴァイナル。
Delsin welcomes Jayson Wynters into the fold for a four-track EP that embodies techno as a vibrant, expressive artform with the ability to uplift. On The Affect Heuristic, Wynters strides forth with an electrifying machine language, calling to mind the feverish, psychedelic tweaking and layering of visionaries like Dan Curtin and Lee Purkis (In Sync). Across four tracks, Wynters pivots between distinctly Motor City-indebted funk, springy electro-techno and vivid, immersive soundchasms. The artwork - a canny meld of bold geometry, bright colours and rough textures from Erosie and Erris Huigens (Graphic Surgery) - responds to the music in a wholly appropriate way.

1 Trace Minerals
2 The Hunted
3 Crypto
4 Tehutis Law