JEMAPUR/Mode Cleaner/Omen Wapta

Format LP
Price 2,980円(税込)

Japanese musician/sound designer/coder/producer ”JEMAPUR”のニュー・アルバムがオランダのニュー・レーベル”Omen Wapta”よりヴァイナル・リリース!2016年から2020年に制作した楽曲から選び抜かれた9曲を収録。LP盤。
For Delft-based label Omen Wapta's first release, Japanese musician/sound designer/coder/producer JEMAPUR explores the far reaches of abstract experimental techno on his album Mode Cleaner. Pulling from music made between 2016 and 2020, JEMAPUR demonstrates his distinctive use of glitch, microsampling, live coding, and granular synthesis techniques. The album was made when the producer was drawn to subjects like physics, geometry, murals, ancient civilisations, the logic of nature, and the observation of the universe.

1 WSIF rg
2 1011 ISOL T
3 195IN B
4 Frctlze 412
5 Mode Cleaner
7 D I
8 QED1066
9 Inf Gravity Digital Bonus