FEEL FREE HI FI feat EDDIE HILL & MANIC TIMES/Prophet Noir/Digital Sting

Format 12"
Price 2,990円(税込)

new electronic dancehall-dubレーベル”Digital Sting” 第1弾リプレス。US,Twin Cities拠点のレーベル主催者”FEEL FREE HI FI”が MC Eddie HillとリリシストManic Timesをフィーチャリング。

Prophet Noir is a 6 track 12" of dystopian industrial dancehall experimentalism created by Twin Cities Sound System Feel Free Hi Fi featuring the vocal powers of eclectic Brooklyn MC Eddie Hill and vagabond lyricist Manic Times.

The records come in double sided silkscreen printed DJ jackets, with Obi Strip style stickers and hand stamped white labels created and printed by Digital Sting.

Feel Free Hi Fi began in 2016 when Derek Maxwell and Shawn Reed met in Minneapolis. Reed’s vast Jamaican-centric vinyl collection met Maxwell’s passion for designing and building custom speakers and the collective was born. Their mutual appreciation for worldwide mobile sound system culture, music and history would be their driving force.

As the physical sound system evolved, the duo began performing live dubbed vinyl sets throughout the Twin Cities. The next logical step was the creation of original rhythms cut to dub plates. During this time of experimentation Prophet Noir began to take shape. Originally conceived as an instrumental project, the record took a different direction with the addition of Eddie Hill and Manic Times on vocals.

4.Black Mask