EQUIKNOXX meets FEEL FREE HI FI/Equiknoxx meets Feel Free Hi Fi/Digital Sting

Format 12"
Price 3,290円(税込)

Digital Sting第2弾リプレス。Jamaica Kingston新世代ユニット”EQUIKNOXX”とUSニューカマー”FEEL FREE HIFI”によるコラボ作品.全8トラック収録。

Kingston Jamaica's well known and always forward operating Dancehall creators Equiknoxx in special collaboration with eclectic Twin Cities USA newcomers Feel Free Hi Fi. 4 tracks with 4 dub versions of experimental electronic dancehall.

The records come in double sided silkscreen printed DJ jackets, with Obi Strip style stickers and hand stamped white labels created and printed by Digital Sting.

To many, Equiknoxx needs little introduction. The musical collective of Gavsborg, Time Cow, Shanique Marie, Bobby Black Bird and Kemikal has been operating on an international level for many years now. Their debut, 2016’s Bird Sound Power was met with critical acclaim. Since then Equiknoxx has released two more full length albums, many singles, collaborations and have consistently performed around the globe

During the inception of Feel Free Hi Fi as a Sound System in the Twin Cities, Equiknoxx productions were in heavy rotation. Their distinct approach to Dancehall, Dub and Electronic music felt like a sound that Reed and Maxwell had been waiting to hear for a long time. The initial connection with Time Cow via social media soon turned into a regular correspondence, hang outs in NYC and this musical collaboration.

The record is simple in premise but dynamic in resulting sounds. The record features original rhythm offerings from Gavsborg, Time Cow and Feel Free Hi Fi (in collaboration with W. Statler of Free Music). All rhythms were swapped and dubbed, creating eight tracks in total. A release with a basis in international correspondence and similar interests in sonic exploration, we kept it fun, we kept it simple, but we think the rhythms and the dubs stand up quite nice.

1.Gavsborg (Equiknoxx) - 11am with Frankie Bubbler
2.Feel Free Hi Fi - 11am Dub
3.Time Cow (Equiknoxx)- The President Eats Children
4.Feel Free Hi Fi- The President Eats Children Dub
5.Feel Free Hi Fi- Birds of Passage
6.Time Cow (Equiknoxx)- Bird of Passage Dub
7.Feel Free Hi Fi- Chipheads
8.Time Cow (Equiknoxx) Chipheads Dub