ANDRES/Back In The Open/Moods & Grooves

Format 12"
Price 2,090円(税込)

デトロイトAndrés aka DJ Dez新作!Mike Grant主催”Moods & Grooves”よりリリース。
Moods & Grooves proudly welcomes the return of one of Detroit?s best multi-talented producers, Andres. 'Out In The Open' released in 2002, established Andres's identity as many assumed he was an alias of Kenny Dixon Jr. He?s finally back with a full release for Moods & Grooves after a couple of dope remixes of Cool Peepl and Jason Hogans/Paul Randolph. 'Back In The Open' chops up a classic hit along with a few unknowns that will keep the floors moving throughout the night.

1.Tonight We Rise
3.Lisbon Love
4.Welcoming Committee