LORD & KAIDI/Find Another Way/Neroli

Format LP
Price 3,290円(税込)

リプレス! Degoとのコンビで知られるMatt LordとKaidi Tathamがタッグを組んでNeroliからアルバムをリリース!Extraordinaire multi instrumentalists Matt Lord and Kaidi Tatham team up for a proper Dance album for Neroli.They remixed, engineered/co-produced and played on hundreds of records for other artists as well as being part of Bugz In The Attic and active members in several projects for 2000black, but this is the very first time they release a collaborative project under their own names.

1.Cape Verdean Blues (feat Dego & Mr Mensah)
2.Sensitive Souls
3.Frequency Range
4.Find Another Way
5.Pickin' & Choosin