DJ COMPUFUNK/Inner Vision EP/Yore

Format 12"
Price 2,490円(税込)

Re-stock ! 当店店主”DJ COMPUFUNK”がANDY VAZ主催のYore Recordsからオリジナル4トラックを収録して12"リリース!The vertigo-inducing title track struts aggressively with a high-velocity swing peppered by tinkling synth accents and acidy squelches, after which “Abyss” cools the pace for a sexier House style (a swishing drum machine detail even gives the cut a rather Kraftwerk-like tinge). On the flip, “Midnight Sky” grooves as boldly, this time with a smattering of Garage worked into its swing and chiming synths brightening the mix, while “Mind Power” changes things up with a swirling bottom end that's so dizzying it's positively gyroscopic. Dj Compufunk isn't averse to packing his productions with layers of dizzying detail, and as a result the stimulation level remains high throughout.

1.Inner Vision
3.Midnight Sky
4.Mind Power