Format 12"
Price 1,880円(税込)

British producer Jonathan Hipgrave aka Jonny3snareS hits the right snare - as the Dutch say - with his brand new Parasol EP on Utrecht's 030303 Records. With plenty of off-tone melodies from another galaxy and hard hitting and impatient snare drum compositions, this is braindance at its very best. Upon reading track names like Custard Rollneck, Milk on Sofa and Pond Life, you expect to hear acid heavy, euphoric and sometimes slightly uneasy dancefloor nostalgia in the best Rephlex tradition and that is exactly what you get. Big tip for fans of Cornish acid!

1.Custard Rollneck
2.CZ 1 extended
4.Milk on Sofa
5.Pond Life
6.Now Now (Revised Mix)