SHINE GROOVES/Space Garden LP/Carpet & Snares

Format Mini - LP
Price 2,280円(税込)

リスボンのレコード・ショップ&レーベル”Carpet & Snares”新作はHanagasumiレーベル主催者”Shine Grooves”によるMini Album. Shine Grooves (Hanagasumi) is a specialist in live and experimental electronic music, blending software and hardware in his studio in Yekaterinburg, Russia. On this sophomore full-length he cultivates an otherworldly Space Garden on a distant planet, populated by alien organisms that move to their own extraterrestrial groove.

1 Morning Mood
2 Tribal Acoustic
3 Japan Sequencer
4 Tool
5 Evening Radio (ft. Michel)
6 Night Reverberation Jam