ORLANDO VOORN/Planet Odnalro/Nighttripper Records

Format 2×12"
Price 3,490円(税込)

Orlando Voornニュー・アルバム!Forward-thinking techno by Orlando Voorn, the guy who needs no introduction. One of the early Techno and House pioneers, legendary DMC mix champion, producer of an endless list of classics and collaborations with people such as Juan Atkins, Blake Baxter, and labels such as Metroplex, Clone Records, Rush Hour, R&S, KMS, etc. Orlando is a force that can't be stopped and this album is the proof! Nightripper Records presents Planet Odnalro!

1.Planet Odnalro
2.Parametric Waves
4.Plonk Mode
6.Dark String Theory
7.Soul Circuit
8.The Drop
9.Bold Approach Paul Donton Mix
10.Bite Original Version