INFINITY PLUS ONE/Regeneration EP/Molar

Format 12"
Price 2,280円(税込)

Infinity Plus One is neither a man of big words, nor a man of massive musical output, preferring to remain low-key. The tracks finally presented to you on this EP are bold and bare a distinct character of their own. The opening track 'Struggle Is A Constant' is energetic and probably more current than ever, whilst tragically soundtracking recent pandemic times. 'Suburban Subversion' remains airy and dreamy as an A2 follow up. The B-side then picks up the pace with 'Connected', before the '9th Gate' works towards a gentle and jazzy finish. These four tracks were carefully selected from Infinity Plus One?s creative period between 2001 and 2005. They display a diverse repertoire of sounds from the London based artist, whilst at the same time also expanding the soundscape of the Molar label.

1 Struggle Is A Constant
2 Suburban Subversion
3 Connected
4 9th Gate